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James Parker, born ca 1780, migrated to Houston County, Georgia, from North Carolina prior to the 1830 Federal Census in which he is recorded as head of household . James was the son of John and Mary Weeks Parker of Edgecombe and Cumberland County, North Carolina.

In Edgecombe County, records can be found a marriage bond for John Parker and Mary Weeks. The date on this document is not clear but appears to be September 27, 1760 or 1764. Mary Weeks was the daughter of James and Sarah Moore Weeks. John Parker is believed to be the "John Parker" who was one of the 39 signers of the "Liberty Point Declaration of Independence", which was signed by North Carolina patriots on June 20, 1775. A Bible record for John and Mary Weeks Parker can be found in the book, Bible Records of Early Edgecombe, by Williams and Griffin. It records the names of the children of John and Mary Weeks Parker as:

Weeks Parker, 1768-1844

Margaret Parker

Theophilus Parker, 1775-1849

Martha Parker

Mary Weeks Parker

Sarah Parker b. 1777

John Parker

James Parker m. ______ Murray and moved to Tenn.

Archibald Parker


The James Parker found in this Bible record and with the notation, "married ______ Murray and moved to Tenn " is believed to be the same James Parker found in 1830 Census in Houston County, Georgia. It is unclear as to what time James may have spent in Tennessee if indeed the Bible notation is correct. Also it is thought that James married twice both times in North Carolina, the first marriage ca 1800 and the second ca 1810. It is sad that the names of these wives are unknown. The only name that has been recalled by some Parker descendants is "Granny Teets" which was a name of affection probably for the second Mrs. Parker. It is also interesting to note that James Parker’s only daughter was named Jane and so was one of his son’s (Theophilus) daughters, Nancy Jane. Could it be that one of these wives’s could have been named Jane?

The children of James Parker were:

Theophilus L. Parker Born ca 1800, North Carolina
Died ca 1851, Georgia
Mary Jane Parker Born ca 1814, North Carolina
Died ca 1897, Georgia
James Parker, Jr. Born ca 1820, North Carolina
Died ca 1862, Georgia
William Parker Born ca 1822, North Carolina
Died ca 1872, Georgia
Carey Weeks Parker Born Dec. 22, 1824, North Carolina
Died July 19, 1884, Georgia
Archibald Andrew Parker Born Dec. 17, 1832, North Carolina
Died Nov.  29, 1873, Georgia


Theophilus L. Parker first married Roxy Ann Daughtry on March 8, 1847 in Houston County, Georgia. Roxy Ann was the daughter of Bryant and Nancy Neel Daughtry of Houston County. Before Theophilus’s death about 1851 in Pulaski County, Georgia, he and Roxy Ann had at least two children, both daughters: Sarah Clifford Parker and Nancy Jane Parker. After Theophilus's death, Roxy Ann married again to James Elbert Holley and they had a daughter, Georgia Elizabeth Holley who later married a nephew of Theophilus Parker, Benjamin Franklin Parker. Theophilus is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave at the Parker Family Cemetery.

Mary Jane Parker was the only known daughter of James Parker. She married Alford Lawson Hudson on April 30, 1837 in Houston County, Georgia. Alford was born ca. 1814 can died at about age 40 ca 1854. He is probably buried in an unmarked grave at the Parker Family Cemetery. After Alford’s death Jane Parker Hudson moved her family to Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia, where she died at about the age of 83, ca 1897. The children of Alford and Mary Jane Parker Hudson were: James Hudson, William Hudson, Matthew Hudson, Hamilton Hudson, Mary Hudson, Weeks Hudson.

James Parker, Jr. was a farmer on land purchased with his brothers in Houston County which consisted of 580 acres at the current location of the intersection of Lake Joy Road and Langston Road between Perry and Warner Robins, Georgia. It is believed that he never married. He died ca 1862 and is buried in an unmarked grave in the Parker Family Cemetery.

William Parker married Rebecca Jane Peddy on August 27, 1857 in Houston County, Georgia and was a farmer on land purchased with his brothers. Rebecca Jane was born on June 16, 1837 and was the daughter of John Peddy. She was also the sister of William’s brother Arch's wife, Mary Ann. William died ca 1872 at about age 50 leaving Rebecca with five minor children: William A. Parker, Shaulten P. Parker, Mary Rebecca Jane Parker, Josephine Parker and Arasbus Parker. There was a sixth child, Eliza A. Parker, who was the first born; however there is no record of Eliza after 1870. William is buried at the Parker Family Cemetery in a grave marked by a stone honoring his service in the South’s struggle for independence. Rebecca died September 20, 1886; her grave at the same cemetery is unmarked.

Carey Weeks Parker (my ggg-grandfather) was born in North Carolina and married Nancy Elizabeth Ivey daughter of Myrick Ivey and his wife Lucinda. Weeks and Nancy were married on his birthday, December 22, 1846. They resided on a farm adjoining that of his brothers and had ten known children: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Francis Marion, Lucinda Ann, Sarah Frances, Louis Hill, Laura Emma, Joseph Weeks, Sylvester V. and James Myrick. Weeks Parker was a Confederate veteran and his grave in the Parker Family Cemetery is marked with a military marker bearing the "Southern Cross of Honor". Nancy is also buried there and though her grave is marked the information on the poured stone is barely visible.

Archibald Andrew Parker the youngest of the sons of James Parker was also born in North Carolina. On June 8, 1851 he married Mary Ann Elizabeth Peddy, born October 30, 1830 and the daughter of John Peddy and his wife. Farming on land purchased with his brothers, Arch and Mary Ann made their home also along what was then known as Tharpe’s Mill Rd. but is today known as Lake Joy Rd. Arch died at age 41 on November 29, 1873 of pneumonia as reported in the Houston Home Journal and Mary Ann died only a month later, December 20, 1873 at age 43. Mary’s death came only 17 days after giving birth to the couple’s last child. Their deaths left the following orphaned children: James Madison, John Thomas, Walter T. Colquitt, Mary Emma, Charles Edwin, Archibald Parker, Jr. and Anna Elizabeth. Archibald Parker is buried in the Parker Family Cemetery with a marker honoring his Confederate service. Also buried there is Mary but her grave is not marked.

Three of James Parker’s sons joined an artillery battalion, the Southern Rights Battery, formed in Houston County in March of 1862, to defend against the Yankee aggressors. A history of the Southern Rights Battery also known as Havis’s Battery can be found elsewhere on this site. This history is dedicated to the Parker brothers, William, Arch and Weeks and also to Benjamin Franklin Parker, son of Weeks Parker, who at age 14 joined the Southern Rights Battery as a replacement for his father who had been discharged due to illness. Ben Parker was my gg-grandfather.

Additional information and a more detailed history of this family can be found in William A. Mills’ publication, The James Parker Family of Georgia, 1780-1930.


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The James Parker Family of Georgia, 1780-1930
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These pages are dedicated to those who have spent countless hours researching the Parker lineage. It is the their efforts that have made this cyber history possible. In particular, thanks must be given to the late Dr. Wilmer Oscar Holloway of Tifton, Georgia who so graciously shared the information he gathered. Also, the Parker family owes much gratitude to William A. (Billy) Mills, our adopted cousin. Billy became interested in the history of the Parker family when he acquired land in Houston County, Georgia, which once belonged to the Parker brothers. This interest became a passion which culminated in a book about the history of the James Parker family authored by Mr. Mills.

It is hoped that Parkers everywhere will find this site informative and treasure the efforts of those who have made it all possible.


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