Red Clay Roots

“Who are your people”?


That question is familiar to anyone who has lived in the South. Southerners have long cherished family and have demonstrated a keen interest in preserving the family ties that bind them through their unique history and culture. There have been many who have tried to determine the source of this Southern fascination. Some have theorized that perhaps it comes from the Scots & Irish who immigrated to the South; their clans and tartan plaids perhaps the inspiration for the great Southern family reunion.

It is in seeking to find one’s “people” that one becomes a genealogist. With the aging of the “baby-boomer” generation, genealogy has become a very popular avocation as well as vocation and it as been popularly defined as ”finding your roots”.

These pages seek to assist and inspire those who are seeking their “roots” in the South's piney woods & Georgia’s rich red clay fields.




Georgia Genealogy Links

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Georgia GenWeb - USGenWeb Project
RootsWeb Georgia Resource Page
Cyndi's Georgia Genealogy List
Georgia Genealogical Society Page
Central Georgia Genealogical Society
Houston County - Georgia GenWeb
The John E. Ladson, Jr. Genealogical Library
Georgia Department of Archives and History
Houston County, GA: Genealogy & History
William A. Mills

Southern Genealogy Links

Center for the Study of Southern Culture

Other Genealogy Links


USGenWeb Project
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
LDS Family Search Online
Family Tree Maker Site
Deciphering Old Handwriting


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Red Clay Roots


The humorous side of genealogy.


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