The War Between The States


Rosters of Confederate Units
Houston Co., Georgia

These rosters of units formed in Houston County, Georgia where compiled by members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Sgt. Clinton C. Duncan Chapter, Perry, Georgia.


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Southern Rights Guards
1st Georgia Regiment, Company "C"
Southern Rights Battery
14th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery
8th Georgia Cavalry
Company "G"
Houston Volunteers
11th Georgia Regiment, Company "K"
Powers Rifles
7th Regiment, State Troops, Company "C"
8th Regiment
State Guards, Company "A"
Henderson Rangers
45th Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Company "H"
Governor's Guards
3rd Georgia Infantry, Company "E"
Silver Greys
8th Regiment, Company "G"
Beauregard Volunteers
6th Georgia Regiment, Company "C"
Jackson Artillery ..... (Macon, Georgia)
Houston Co. Members
57th Georgia Regiment
Company "E"
Everett Guards



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