Modern History
of the
Fourteenth Battalion
Georgia Light Artillery

Company A: Was known by various names. Organized in Houston Co., Georgia as the Southern Rights Battery it was was subsequently known as "Palmer's Battery" and then as "Havis's Battery". A detail history of the unit can be found at Southern Rights / Havis's Battery.

The company was recently portrayed by Captain Leon Lovett as Southern Rights Battery and by Captain Mike Burch as Havis's Battery. Though Captain Lovett's Southern Rights Battery performs on occasion, Havis's Battery disbanded in 2000.

Company B: Known as Anderson's Battery, the reenactment unit has been under the command of  Captain Eddie Helms of Abbeville since 1994.  The unit's website,  Anderson's Battery , relates the history of the original battery as well as activities of the "reformed" battery.

Company C: In September, 1996, six members of Havis's Battery, all from Greensboro, Ga., reorganized Company C, Ferrell's Battery. By March of 1997 Ferrell's Battery was sponsoring a reenactment of the Battle of Kolb's Farm which has since become an annual event. The company now has 19 members and owns a full-size reproduction 2.9 inch Parrott Rifle and limber with two enclosed trailers, six tents and various camping and cooking gear. Individual members also own another Parrott Rifle and a Coehorn mortar, so the battery can on occasion take the field with three operating, black powder firing muzzle loaders.

In July, 1998, Ferrell's Battery went to Gettysburg galvanized as Battery B, 1st Michigan Light Artillery, serving alongside The Third Battery. This was the 135th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and this years annual reenactment of the battle was of special significance. The National Park Service has published pictures of living history events at the Gettysburg National Park.

Persons interested in more information about Company “C” may contact Captain Jim Roper at (706) 453-1037 or Brevet Captain John Crouse at (706) 453-9302.


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April 2000
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