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Hi boys and girls!

I'm Pork Chop and I am a pot bellied pig.
I live in Oregon with my Mommy and Daddy and lots of other "wittle" animals.
I made this place so that I can play with my Mommy's little cousins and all their friends. 
I hope you will stay and play!

Friends Are Special People! 

There is a song about friends I like.

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
And the other gold.

The Brownies sing this song a lot.

If you would like to hear the song
just click the music below.

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Make New Friends !
I love to make new friends. 


 This is my new friend Martini.  He lives in a racing family.
This is a picture of him with his Dad, Mr. Mario!


Friends Care !

Show your special friends you care by
printing a card to send to them.
Just click the picture below.

When the big picture opens, print and fold to make a card.

Friends Share !

I like to share things with my friends.
This is a  picture I want to share.


Click on the Lucky Ducky and you can print and color a picture of me and one of my friends.


Friends Play Together !

Want to play a game?
Just click but use your return arrows to get back here.

Billy Bear Checkers Online Game


Friends Learn Together !

Reading is a great way to learn.

Just click the little book to read a story
about three of my little friends.


My 'Wittle' Story



Pork Chop's "Pigtures"

Come on boys and girls and send me your 'pigtures'!
I'll be as happy as a wittle piggy can be.
And I'll put your pigtures in my "Pigture" Book for everyone to see.

Pork Chop's "Pigture" Book

Click: How to send Pork Chop your "pigture"

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Learn about our Southern heritage.
(Click the flags)


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Uncle Randall's
All Time Favorite!

Pork Chop

This is the number of friends who have come to play....

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