The Elijah Eubanks Family


Dixon Methodist Church
Crawford County, Georgia


Born Oct. 17, 1805
Died July 15, 1883


Remember friends as you pass by That all mankind are born to die
Then let your cares on Christ breast That you may dwell with him at last

wife of
Elijah Eubanks

Born Jan 7, 1809
Died May 9, 1888

Lord she was Thine and not mine own Thou hast not done me wrong
Thank Thee for the precious loan
Afforded me so long


Dixon Methodist Church was disputably formed as early as 1824 and therefore one of the oldest churches in Crawford County. Its membership rolls list the names of many members of the Eubanks, Dickson and Moody families. In addition to being the resting place of Elijah and Martha N. Dickson Eubanks, its churchyard is also that of many of their ancestors and descendants.



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