The Elijah Eubanks Family


The Bible
Elijah Eubanks


A note in the front reads:
"Elijah Eubanks bought this book September 6 1833.


Elijah Eubanks was Born 17th Oct. 1805.

Martha Dickson Eubanks, Wife of the above was Born Jany. 7th 1809.

Mary Ann Eubanks, Daughter of Elijah and Martha his wife was Born 8th Oct.
(illegible year).

Nancy Thomas Eubanks, Daughter as bove was Born 10th Febr. 1831 (maybe 1832-illegible) *

Sarah Ann Eubanks, Daughter as above was born 1st Nov. 1833

Lucinda Wilson Eubanks, Daughter of Elijah and Martha his wife was born December the 16th 1836.

Anna Eubanks, Daughter of Eubanks and Martha his wife was born April the 10 th 1840.

Susan May Eubanks was born September the 16 1846.

William K. Eubanks was born March 1 1851.

William W. Stembridge was born December the 16 1852.

Rosey ** was born 1837.

Daniel ** was born 1847.

Jane ** was born August the 8th 1853.

Henry ** was born November the 7th 1857


J. L. Chance died July the 16 1925

Anna E. Chance died September 29, 1925.

William K. Eubanks died May 30th 1937.

Patience Elizabeth Causey, wife of the above died May 7th 1923.

Thomas Edwin Eubanks son of the above died June 20 or 26 1936.

Susan May Eubanks wife of W. W., Stembridge died Feb. 16th 1935.

Sarah Williamson, wife of Thomas Edwin Eubanks died June 1960.

Sarah Ann Thomason, daughter of Elijah and Martha Eubanks died February 11th 1855.

Elijah Eubanks died July the 15 1883.

Martha Eubanks died May the 9 1888.

Lucinda Wilson Wilder died June the 19 1908.

Mary Ann Thomason died December the 10 1910.

Nancy T. Moody died May the 20th 1919.

W. W. Stembridge died Oct. the 31 1923.


Elijah Eubanks and Martha his wife was married the 10th day of August 1826.

William W. Stembridge & Susan his wife was married June the 28 1888.


Date on tombstone reads Feb. 10, 1831


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