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Uncle Remus, His Songs and His Sayings

Joel Chandler Harris, 1880

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Bill Justice
Adapted from
Song of the South

Southern children have for years loved the tales of Uncle Remus. In Perry, Georgia in the 1950s and 60s, it was always a special occasion when a teacher was absent and Mr. Frank Holland was called on to “fill-in”. Mr. Frank had to be the best Uncle Remus storyteller I have ever heard. It was his love of the stories and his perfection of the dialect in which Joel Chandler Harris wrote the stories that held his listeners captive. Even today, folks still remember Mr. Frank and his Uncle Remus stories.


The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story
(My Very Favorite)

The Author..Joel Chandler Harris


The home of Joel Chandler Harris, the Wren's Nest, in Atlanta's West End community is now a museum which features readings of the Uncle Remus stories.
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Original movie bill from 1959 release. Poster available at
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Walt Disney's Song of the South

In 1946, Walt Disney produced a motion picture based on the Uncle Remus stories. It was a wonderful movie which received three nominations for Academy Awards. James Bassett who played Uncle Remus was the first live actor hired by Disney and received a special Oscar for his work in the movie. The movie’s memorable song, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, won an Oscar in 1948 for Best Song.

Unfortunately, the movie has its detractors and Disney refuses to release it to the home market in the USA. More information can be found on the Urban Legen Reference Pages.


Uncle Remus History Ethnology Research Project of the University of Virginia; contains more Uncle Remus stories

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Book cover is that of the first publication of Legends of the Old Plantation, 1880.

Photo of Harris adapted from: Joel Chandler Harris (1892) and his wife, Esther La Rose Harris (1874). Taken from Joel Chandler Harris: A Biography by Paul Cousins (1968).

The background music is the Oscar winning song from Walt Disney's Song of the South,

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, lyrics by Ray Gilbert, music by Allie Wrubel.
Midi file courtesty of Laura's MIDI Heaven.