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How Come Dixie?

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Nothing sounds more melodious to my ears that the word "Dixie".   Indeed I wish I had named my daughter Dixie.  Folks wonder how the Southern region of the USA became to be called Dixie.  Many people mistakenly believe the popular name is derived from the famous Mason-Dixon line and associate is only with the WBTS.  However Dixie was Dixie long before that time. 

The Citizens' Bank and Trust Company of New Orleans was a trusted financial institution before THE WAR and its bank notes became well known.  The notes where printed in both English and French.  The most common denomination was the ten dollar note which bore the Roman numeral "X" and the Arabic numeral "10".  On the note's back, in the middle, was printed the French word "DIX".  A fellow was happy when his pockets were full of "Dixies"!  Soon the South became known as the "land of dixies" and from there, Dixie Land.

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