The War Between The States


of the

This is a picture of the original battle flag
of the Southern Rights Battery
which is currently in the possession
of a collector in Georgia.


Size: 32" heading and 40" fly

The flag is constructed in a Hardee pattern with a blue wool ground, a 13' x 18" white cotton disc seamed into the center, and a single layer of white cotton fabirc around the perimeter of three sides forming a 2 5/8 " border. The leading edge (wicih is on the right) has a 1 1/2 " wide white cotton pole sleeve with 3 pairs of eyelets worked through both layers of fabric at the top, center and bottom. One half inch cotton ties are laced through each eyelet except for the interior eyelet at the top and bottom of the hoist. The outer edge of the border has been left unfinished.

In the center of the disc is written "PERRYVILLE" in 1 3/4 " block letter, outlined only. Above this the words "Southern Rights Battery Hardee's Corps" are written in 1" script. The flag is hand sewn though out.



Method of Construction:

1. The cotton disc was sewn to the obverse by turning the edge of the fabric under then attaching it around the perimeter.

2. The flag was turned to the reverse, the blue wool cut away, the edge turned under, and sewn.

3. The fly end and then the top and bottom border fabrics were sewn to the reverse, rolled over, and sewn on the obverse.

4. The two end pieces of the pole sleeve were attached. The pole sleeve was first sewn to the reverse side of the fly and continuing to the ends of the border. The fabric was then rolled around, the edge turned under, and attached to the obverse.

5. The grommets were fabricated by hand.

6. The lettering could have been applied at any time during the process.



Photo retouched to reconstruct the wording
"Southern Rights Battery Hardee's Corp"


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